This property near Dartmouth is positioned to take full advantage of the expansive sea views to the south over gently undulating fields leading to the sea.  Set within a working farm composed of both freehold land and coastal land rented from the National Trust, the site benefits from the generous wrap of arable and grazed land which envelop the house and farm buildings.

There is a sense of openness and space in the area south of the main house, but when we were appointed the dwelling was dominated by the accumulation of farm buildings that dominated the site to the north of the house.  Access to the house was practical and utilitarian and failed to capitalise on the outstanding vistas.  The southern elevation of the house stood on a series of more recent terraces, which disassociated the building from the surrounding landscape and confused movement around the house. The design re-orientated the spaces around the buildings to marry the requirements of a working farm with the need to provide the house with a series of garden spaces that surround the living quarters.

Recognising the impressive natural beauty already present in this site, our design proposals employed a light-handed approach with particular attention to drawing on the local vernacular.  Treatments are aimed towards encouraging diverse habitats for wildlife, with careful consideration to sustainable, long-sighted proposals. The planting palette has been carefully chosen to cope with the often severe coastal climate.

Access to the house and to the farm, softening the levels surrounding the main house, the provision of privacy, and the rationalisation of the land around the buildings were all considered. In addition a large new ornamental garden was created within the walls of one of the barn enclosures, a productive vegetable and cutting garden with greenhouse within another, and a new oval pond created as a focal point from the house. The whole estate was considered within the masterplan, which resulted in the restoration of existing dry stone walls, the construction of new ones, hedgerow restoration, establishment of new wildflower meadows and new woodland plantings.

2006 - 2012

Client: Private
128 hectares

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